The BikeStow Family

That’s exactly what we are, a family. Initially the BikeStow was meant only as a solution to our family problem of having too many bikes and not having a safe, easy and reliable way of transporting or storing them. Following encouragement from friends, we bit the bullet and booked a stand at the 2018 Cycle Show to see if our idea could go somewhere. In the six weeks between booking the stand and the show itself, we had to turn a DIY garage project into an actual product. This is when the family team truly formed.


The Son

George Laight

Director & Designer


The Dad and the Uncle

Simon Laight & Matthew Laight competing in Cape Epic.


George Laight - Director & Designer

Julie Laight - Director, Sales & Operations

Simon Laight - Inventor

Martin Laight - Patent Consultant

Matthew Laight - Investor

Billy Laight, 13 - Head of Human Resources

Oscar Laight - Head of Health, Well-being and Sleep

Bonnie and Bunty - Joint Heads of Security